⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 19, 2023

I can’t praise Lou enough for the help she has given me transitioning my new pony from being a driving pony to a riding pony. She has spent many hours advising and teaching me to help Samson progress in ridden work and in the correct outline. She always uses techniques that allow the horse to go forward in a relaxed manor. As well as the ridden work Lou has used bodywork techniques to help Samson and treated him as one of her Mastersons case studies. She has also advised on in hand exercises to do with Samson to improve his posture and mobility. Lou is able to pinpoint any areas that may be causing Samson difficulties and then exercises that will help. The end result is a very happy pony, who enjoys getting out and about and will confidently take on any new experiences.

Rosemary Shapcott

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 16, 2023

Lou has been instrumental in supporting and promoting the performance of my horses. The combination of her understanding of how my horse does and should move and to identify what prevents that from happening , has ensured that together we have been able to achieve greater freedom of movement and maintain this as my horse ages. As well as having a knowledgeable eye, the inclusion of her handling skills and soft tissue work helps to promote relaxation and release in areas where there is restriction. Louise has directed the rehabilitation of my horse with the use of ground work and ridden lessons, to enable me to continue with the rehabilitation process. By working alongside my vet, saddler, osteopath and farrier, Louise ensures that everyone supporting my horse works to the same goal. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise.

Claire Laverty

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 11, 2023

When I sadly lost my mare unexpectedly Louise knew of a horse that was looking for some extra schooling so that’s when Molly the practicality perfect black and white cob came in to my life. Having previously had warmbloods it was a big change for me and Lou helped me with lessons and guidance on how I should work her including some great pole work sessions and exercises to help with sticky canter transitions. Molly was one of Louise’s Masterson case studies and Molly responded to Louise’s touch with some fantastic releases and great relaxation following her sessions. When I noticed that Molly was starting to get a bit over sensitive around her stifle and shoulders Lou used her extensive equine knowledge to help me identify the possible issues and following treatment for an ulcer and an old meniscus injury that had flared up Molly is back to her normal peachy self. Louise has incredible knowledge of horse anatomy and behaviour, and also has a fantastic network of experts in and around Cheshire that she can call on for additional advice, making her a fantastic expert for anyone to call on to assist with their horse - whatever their condition.

Janice Ratter

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 3, 2023

An unparalleled eye for the health of the horse Lou was firstly invaluable in helping me search for my current horse; her expert eye identified several potential injuries or imbalances in horses I viewed, and saved me hundreds of pounds in what would almost certainly be failed vettings. Having found my perfect horse, Lou now helps me ensure Zena achieves and maintains her optimum health and wellbeing. Using a programme of bodywork including Masterson sessions for Zena, coupled with regular observation and feedback on Zena’s movement & my position in our lessons, means we are seeing real progress in our flatwork. Lou has a genuine love and respect for all horses, whether retirees in their golden years, happy hackers, or performance horses competing at a high level. Her firm but gentle manner suits all horses in her care, while her collaborative approach with vets, farriers and other experts means she is held in high regard throughout the horse world. I’d have absolutely no hesitation in entrusting Zena or any horse of mine to Lou’s care.

Debbie Robinson