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Louise practising Masterson
Louise practising Masterson

Masterson Method Bodywork Sessions make up a large part of my services. I'm a fully qualified Masterson Practitioner - I recommend the treatments highly.

Should your horse require an alternative programme of rehabilitation, I will work with you to design a bespoke package tailored to your requirements and your horse's needs.

Masterson Method Bodywork Session

  • 10 mile radius of Wilmslow - £50.

  • Over 10 miles from Wilmslow - £60.

Bespoke Rehabilitation Packages

  • Price is available on application.

Geographical Considerations

  • Travel time is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes for a single horse visit.

  • Anglesey and North Wales appointments also available on request.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is equine bodywork appropriate for my horse?

A: If the following criteria have been met:

Your horse is registered with a vet.
Your horse is healthy, or is under veterinary treatment but your vet has approved the use of equine bodywork.
You give permission for therapist and vet to discuss treatment and findings.
Any current and previous health issues have been fully disclosed before treatment.

Equine bodywork is not appropriate if:
Your horse has an acute injury or illness.
Your horse has a temperature.
Your horse has a skin infection.
Your horse has an infectious disease.
Your mare is in foal.
Your horse is suffering from shock or exhaustion.

Q: How long does a Masterson Method session typically last?

A: An initial session may last a little longer to allow time to introduce the techniques to the horse; follow on sessions will be approximately an hour, but may vary based on the responses of the horse or other observations made by LBEP.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All treatments are carried out in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 which states that veterinary consent must be obtained before treating/working on an animal which is under vet supervision. If your horse is healthy and not under vet supervision for any illness or injury then vet consent is not required prior to the treatment.

  2. Equine Massage Therapy is not a replacement for veterinary care but is to be used alongside conventional health care, therefore Louise Brown Equine Practitioner (LBEP) is unable to provide a diagnosis for any problems your horse may have; your vet should be consulted if there is no improvement.

  3. At least 48 hours notice is required for appointment cancellations to allow for the appointment slot to be offered elsewhere. Failure to do so may result in you still being charged.

  4. LBEP must be made aware of any behavioural problems at time of booking the session; if not previously notified and the horse cannot be handled, payment in full will be charged.

  5. If your horse/pony sustains an injury or develops an illness between making the booking and the day of the appointment, LBEP may be unable to carry out the treatment.

  6. Owners are required to notify LBEP if, during a course of treatments, the animal’s injury or condition worsens, or if the veterinary surgeon advises that treatment is stopped or suspended.

  7. Should there be an outbreak of a contagious or infectious disease on the yard where your horse/pony is kept (for example equine influenza, equine herpes, strangles or ringworm), please inform LBEP no later than 48 hours prior to the date and time of the scheduled appointment or, as soon as possible thereafter.

  8. Whilst every care is taken of the animal undergoing treatment, all treatments are done entirely at the owner’s risk.

  9. Please ensure your horse is clean and dry before treatments and provide a safe environment to carry out the treatment.

  10. Payment is required at the time of treatment by cash or bank transfer.